rachel2.jpgRachel Weidinger loves humanity, binder clips, canning jars, the ocean, and her tiny home in San Francisco. Actually, I love a lot of things.

I build trust through authentic communications for social entrepreneurs doing good work. I am a marketing and communications generalist with a fondness for the internet--especially social media.

My day job is a dream job. Currently, Upwell is happily consuming my work days. The ocean is our client.

I think about Handheld Awesome Detectors a lot. And I paint portraits of people through the foods they choose to eat, a series called We Are Very Hungry. My last show was at 18 Reasons, through October-November 2012.

All day, everyday I'm an attention philanthropist on twitter: @rachelannyes.

Alex Steed is much more skillful at writing about me than I am. This interview captured a conversation I remember fondly. Maybe you are my Elks?

Want verticals sliced like they usually are? I usually work across traditional siloes, but here's an attempt to slice it up: Nonprofit, Tech & Social Media, Marketing, Food, and Sustainable/Green work.

When not writing or covering the walls with post-its, you can usually find me in my kitchen making marmalade or pies. My bookshelf has been sorted by color since 1999 and I read voraciously, no matter the hue of the spine. Want a Rachel hack? I am highly motivated by feedback. I am not done yet. I talk about a few things a whole bunch.

I probably want to talk to you. My preferred method of communication is dinner table, but you can also catch me on Twitter or email. Here are maps of some of my favorite spots on the planet, including San Francisco.

Current Work

  • The ocean is our client. I lead Upwell. Originally code named Ocean Underground
  • Facilitating resource sharing among nonprofit tech peer groups
  • Watercolor illustrations of farmers market purchases and backyard garden plantings called We Are Very Hungry

Ongoing Projects

Issues I Pay Attention To

  • How to listen to human beings at a massive scale
  • Sustainability in general, and especially around food and/or the ocean
  • Scaling social change
  • Public spaces, both in bits and atoms
  • Global movement building
  • The nonprofit, NGO and civil society organization sector
  • How to share data well, cultivate developer communities, and why #opendata
  • Trust and authenticity
  • Values inherent in social software platforms
  • Stewardship of objects and material culture
  • Education
  • Lengthening our cultural time horizons, a la Long Now
  • Social entrepreneurs building location-based and map tools
  • Preserving whalesharks, because they are awesome

Tools I Pay Attention To

  • Tools for knowledge management in distributed value networks
  • Tools for empowering communications, currently called social media
  • Tools for scaling social change
  • P2P fundraising tools and ethics
  • Tools for building communities based on authentic communications
  • Enterprise-level listening platforms
  • Tools for communicating with and empowering evangelists
  • Tools to facilitate face to face meetings
  • Mobile technology for good

Upcoming Presentations and Events

  • NTC 2013
  • Personal Democracy Forum 2013 (keynote)

Presentations and Events

Substantial Past Projects