Workshop - Creating Community Toolkits: Digital Security with Leez and Rachel Weidinger

At this workshop, we'll work in small teams to create bite-sized digital security trainings for the communities we're a part of. Each participant will leave the training with a quick, topic-based, practical digital security training that they know by heart. We'll all gain new teaching and training skills together, along with leveling up our security skills collectively. The workshop will generate 5-10 creative new 'modules,' and all the modules will be documented together online.

This workshop spans three hours. The first hour focuses on the nature of surveillance and resistance strategies. You will then workshop and create your own kits for leading small privacy workshops in the future.

Together, we'll pick current topics and build resources around:

Border crossing
Trauma first aid
Surveillance mapping
Threat analysis in bite-sized steps
Encryption apps for phone
Social networks and privacy
Malware (phishing, updates)
End-to-end encryption (OTR, PGP)
Physical threats
Passwords, managers, roll-your-own passwords (with dice!)
Backups, intentionally destroying info
Barrier methods faraday/audio plug/ lens sticker/ bodysock/screen obscurers
Protests and activism

Your work will be supported by two rad women artist/technologists: Leez and Rachel Weidinger. Leez works at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and gets excited about freely modifiable and redistributable things. Rachel has been making backpack-based Digital Security First Aid Kits, disappearing archives of current digital security training tips, and a shipping container-based Surveillance Disaster Response Center.

Workshop resources

Digital Security Training Resources for Security Trainers, Spring 2017 Edition (12 minute read)