We Are Very Hungry

Medium: Watercolor and ink, 22" x 22"

Additional details: The series We Are Very Hungry documents conversations with local food producers and buyers in San Francisco. In direct reaction to the impersonal surveillance of our food-buying habits through barcoded grocery keytags, We Are Very Hungry is an effort to listen and pay attention to what San Franciscans are hungry for.


Fire Escape Farms Pop Up July-October 2011
Solo show Foodzie HQ December 2011-March 2012
Salon des Sens, group show at Studio Barndiva June 2-12, 2012
Solo show at 18 Reasons October-November 2012

1. We Are Very Hungry: Everything Naya planted for Oliver on Dorland Street

This painting depicts everything Naya and Oliver have ever grown to eat in their backyard.

2. Joe Kowalke has been shopping at the Ft Mason Farmers Market regularly in San Francisco. During the interview about everything he has ever purchased, he mentally followed the same path he always does on foot, recalling the purchases at each booth through all seasons. He shops with his husband, Stephen. When asked what Stephen shops for, Joe replied, "Hot guys." (Note: Hot guys not depicted.)

3 and 4. We Are Very Hungry: The first year of Siren Seafood CSA
Some weeks in this sustainable seafood CSA, no fish were available for members due to weather or other challenges of catching wild food. Fish is wild food, and not eternally available.

5. We Are Very Hungry: Lexington Street Meyer lemon inventory
For eight years, I've lived with an incredible Meyer lemon tree. This is one season of harvest, documented as part of an annual community harvest gathering.